Recording our first EP

Recording at St Mary-at-Hill

The gif above is us setting up for a recording at St Mary-at-Hill, London, in March 2012, during which we committed drums for three as yet unreleased songs.

Because the sound was gargantuan (natural church reverb, huh), we went in again and spent the whole of last weekend plugging away at getting drums and guitars on tape for a five-track EP that should see the light of day soonish.

If you’re in London this Satuday, 2 March, and fancy seeing us play the EP live, come to The Facemelter at The Miller Pub near London Bridge.


Live Rock, Curated by Juror Nº 8

Poster for gig at The Macbeth on 20 November

We’re hosting a free event at The Macbeth in Hoxton on 20 November and have invited the following bands:

Buffalo Bones, the headliner, is a muscular rock band, but gracefully so and without macho pretensions. The three-piece also cultivates a predilection for White Russians.


Human Wave Attack lists a number of lo-fi acts as its pedigree and, as such, turns down the egos while cranking up the collective beauty. Ayn Rand would be furious.


Godzilla Black is incredible, all intricate percussion, deranged vocals and effortless licks. The band comfortably fills the gap left behind by the deceased Mr Bungle.


And, well, Juror Nº 8 is us, modestly trying to re-inject curdled milk into rock music while maintaining a straight face.