After Hours EP release date and track preview

Our first EP, titled ‘After Hours’, will be out this coming Monday, 8 September 2014, and you can listen to one of its five tracks below. It’s called ‘You’re Riding in the Death Seat’ and is best enjoyed with the volume up.

‘Juvenilia’, a collection of our four very early attempts at rocking, will be available as bonus tracks when you download the After Hours EP from our Bandcamp site.

The After Hours EP track listing:

1. Tactics
2. You’re Riding in the Death Seat
3. For All I Know
4. Really Leery
5. Threnodeeing Something Minor

+ four free bonus tracks from our ‘Juvenilia’ collection

Also, make sure to check out other work by Luke Milsom, who designed the cover, and Pete Maher, who mastered the tracks.