Juror Nº 8, Box Forts, and Professor Plum in concert in October 2015

We’re doing a gig with our friends Professor Plum and Box Forts.

Plum play the kind of alt prog metal that will give you a chin rash from too much appreciative chin-stroking. In a good way.

And Box Forts are an all-out shouty post-hardcore outfit who’ve just released a blinder of a debut EP.

And here’s us, just in case:

Gig details:

Location: The Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3BL
Date: Thursday, 8 October 2015
Entry: 5 quid

BOOK TICKETS (student discount available)!

RSVP and invite your friends Facebook.

Fun fact: all bands, including us, share the same drummer (Chaz).

Post-hardcore pals Box Forts release debut mini-album

Our pals have formed an excellent, shouty band called Box Forts. Our drummer drums for them, and has also engineered, recorded and mixed their debut mini-album, which you can get for free from Box Forts’ Bandcamp site.

Our singer had one literal finger in this proverbial pie, too, by pressing the ‘record’ button during the drum recording.

Box Forts will be supporting Juror Nº 8 in London on 8 October 2015. Sign up via Facebook.

Listen to Box Forts:

After Hours EP release date and track preview

Our first EP, titled ‘After Hours’, will be out this coming Monday, 8 September 2014, and you can listen to one of its five tracks below. It’s called ‘You’re Riding in the Death Seat’ and is best enjoyed with the volume up.

‘Juvenilia’, a collection of our four very early attempts at rocking, will be available as bonus tracks when you download the After Hours EP from our Bandcamp site.

The After Hours EP track listing:

1. Tactics
2. You’re Riding in the Death Seat
3. For All I Know
4. Really Leery
5. Threnodeeing Something Minor

+ four free bonus tracks from our ‘Juvenilia’ collection

Also, make sure to check out other work by Luke Milsom, who designed the cover, and Pete Maher, who mastered the tracks.

Recording our first EP

Recording at St Mary-at-Hill

The gif above is us setting up for a recording at St Mary-at-Hill, London, in March 2012, during which we committed drums for three as yet unreleased songs.

Because the sound was gargantuan (natural church reverb, huh), we went in again and spent the whole of last weekend plugging away at getting drums and guitars on tape for a five-track EP that should see the light of day soonish.

If you’re in London this Satuday, 2 March, and fancy seeing us play the EP live, come to The Facemelter at The Miller Pub near London Bridge.